Tooth Removal/Extractions

If you have a toothache that won’t stop, call Clearwater Family Dental at 208-520-7575 right away to find out if you need a tooth removal or tooth extractions.  Dr. Boehme and our friendly team will get rid of your problem teeth and relieve your pain fast at our Idaho, ID dentist office.

Reasons To Have A Tooth Removed

At Clearwater Family Dental, we will do everything we can to repair and maintain your natural teeth. But in some cases, the best thing to do for your overall health is to extract damaged or highly decayed teeth.

There are many common situations that would necessitate a tooth removal, including:

  • Wisdom teeth that are not emerging properly
  • Teeth suffering from severe decay
  • Teeth that cannot be saved with a root canal
  • Making room for other teeth in your mouth

What To Expect During Your Tooth Extractions

So you know what to expect, we will clearly explain every step of a tooth extractions before we begin.

If we cannot revive your tooth with a restorative dentistry procedure, we will:

  • Thoroughly plan your treatment using digital X-rays and other advanced dental technologies
  • Numb the area for optimum comfort
  • Gently remove your tooth

We will also give you advice on how to care for your mouth following your tooth removal.

And if you happen to be nervous, we can also help relieve your dental anxiety and increase your comfort with dental sedation options!

The Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have a tooth removed, it’s important that you replace it as soon as possible for several reasons, including:

  • Your surrounding teeth may shift out of place
  • Undue pressure on your other teeth
  • Compromised chewing abilities